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QuickBooks Online is an accounting software package developed and marketed by Intuit. As a leading Calgary bookkeeper we bring along tools and strategies for the most accurate and timely reporting for our clients and business partners.

Integrating an online accounting software solution may be one of the best and first choices you should make as a business owner or professional growing their business to new levels. With our hands on integration and management we can have your business financials tracked and reporting as soon as you need. Your financials will always be online and you’ll know exactly where your business’ books are at, able to access your books from anywhere in the world.

Hassle free QuickBooks integrations.

Xero accounting software integrations are also available as you require. We are happy to consult with you if you need advice on the correct choice of software. Between Canada Quickbooks and Xero or other software, we will work with your preference.


track expenses & income


create invoices and billings


accept payments


organize reciepts


track mileage and write offs


track inventory

Uses of Quickbooks Canada for your business

integration Quickbooks

Virtual Office Associate provides QuickBooks online integrations and implementation to solve issues and optimize business processes. QuickBooks Canada. You may have software already integrated or looking to expand use of software in your business. From business performance management, financial forecasting, time tracking, CRM and more. The QuickBooks platform has options. 3rd party software and applications supported by QuickBooks Canada is extensive. Examples of QuickBooks Canada integrations are below.


3rd Party Application Integrations

Track your time more efficiently: QuickBooks Time, Time Tracker by eBility, ClockShark Tim Tracking and more.

Customer Relationship Management(CRM): Insightly CRM, Method:CRM, Worketc

Track your inventory: Shopify by OneSaaS, eBay by OneSaaS, Basic eCommerce Accounting Sync by Webgility


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Dependable Quickbooks Calgary integrations, bookkeeping plans, and support for your business.

cloud-based software – frequently asked questions

what is cloud accounting?

Cloud accounting uses specific software programs, such as Quickbooks Online or Xero hosted remotely on the Cloud. Basically, it means storing and accessing financial data and programs over the internet instead of having to use a computer’s hard drive.

What are some of the benefits of cloud-based accounting?

Allows a business to operate more efficiently, in order to cut costs and have access to real time data, anytime, anywhere.

Is cloud accounting software secure?

Security is the top concern in cloud-based accounting software. QBO and Xero accounting software integrate with many financial institutions and provide state-of-the-art multi-factor authentication and encryptions, ensuring sensitive data remains secure, just like when you use online banking.

What kind of software do i need for cloud accounting?

Both QBO and Xero are fully integrated cloud accounting software with continual customer support. Depending on your business needs, additional software can help improve the efficiency of your workflows, including Hubdocs, which is an application that automatically fetches financial documents and extracts key data.

why should i adopt cloud based tehcnology for my business?

The cloud is the future, and the world is ever changing. It is predicted that closer to 80% of small business owners are now relying on cloud based accounting. It may seem like a daunting task to transition to the cloud, but there is no need to be intimated when you deal with someone who can make the transition as easy and seamless as possible – working together as a team to set all the necessary processes in place.

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