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Xero Calgary Software implementation and Management

We’re Virtual Office Associate, Calgary based bookkeeping service provider. We have experience administering cloud-based accounting software Xero Accounting Canada Software. Reach out to us for implementation, ongoing usage plans, and more, all for better bookkeeping for your business.

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Why we recommend xero accounting software

Simple, powerful, online software

high value scalable system built for growing small businesses

Allow your business to grow and while keeping financials under check.

Xero brings a full suite of accounting and bookkeeping tools, ensuring your reporting is accurate and timely, all  whilst you’re freeing up  time for strategizing growth.

Connection with your applications and banking make access easy

A Xero Accounting Canada software integration is perfect for clients who need to integrate with their existing software or business solutions.

Connecting to 3rd party applications or even your eCommerce platform of choice has never been easier.


See some of the best integrations of Xero Canada software use cases.

Cloud-based online Software for live data at your fingertips

Xero Accounting is an online software solution.

You will always have access(from anywhere in the world) to the most up to date live information on your business’ accounting and bookkeeping.

Your data is secure and backed up as you need.

keep your business financials in check

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Xero Integrations Mean More uses For your Data

From data analysis to inventory management, some of the best Xero integrations help you run your business optimally and profitably.

Xero Calgary

Xero accounting Integrations for business

Xero accounting software integrations with small businesses generally result in easier to manage invoice, payroll, inventory, and much more.

Most industries are going to benefit, from construction, eCommerce, retail or startups.

We’ll work with you on the most effective implementation for your business situation.

We’re Virtual Office Associate based out of Calgary. Check out our monthly bookkeeping packages. 

Xero accounting software professionals.

Virtual Office Associate also implements QuickBooks Online for clients.

If you need advice on the right platform we’d be happy to point you in the right direction. Software pricing can be similar, but feature and functionality vary. Of course, we’ll happily manage an existing integration also.

Xero Accounting Services

Virtual Office Associate (VOA)

Whether you own a dependent small business or an online eCommerce business, a Xero Canada implementation can help you run your business more effectively. Virtual Office Associate can integrate the software and run it for you for the following use cases:

  • Xero Canada makes end-of-year bookkeeping and returns simpler.
  • Xero software allows collaboration between accountants, your team members, with comments and detail submission.
  • Connect with 3rd party applications, such as Shopify or PayPal.
  • Integrate with your favorite business software handling payroll management, time tracking, cash flow and financial forecasting, managing eCommerce businesses and more. Learn more about 3rd party app integrations.

Best Xero Integrations

Some of the best apps to integrate for Xero Canada

Xero apps functioning globally for your business. Some use cases integrate 3rd party applications and software for the ultimate in financial and business performance management.

For financial forecasting and cash flow analysis:


We know financial forecasting is of utmost importance for businesses looking to scale. Make more confident decisions about your business trajectory and growth with these Xero Canada possible integrations.  Some examples for 3rd party vendors include:
Float Cash Flow Forecasting,
Forecast Resource and Project Management,
Fluidly Intelligent Cash Flow
Castaway Cash-flow Forecasting Software
and more.


For eCommerce businesses and online business:

The benefits of an online or eCommerce business is you can keep your data online accessible at any time. Inputting and managing that data is another task, which makes these some of the best Xero integrations for saving time tracking inventory:
Online Inventory Management ERP Dear Systems,
Linkmybooks Amazon & ebBay To Xero or QuickBooks, 
A2X Accurate Ecommerce accounting.



For better customer relationship management:

Small businesses succeed largely due to the fact they create a reputation for their business niche for excellence or some other high value for customers. The relationships your company builds over time are invaluable to overall local networking and brand authority. Here are some popular software and applications for CRM(customer relationship management) that are a few of the best Xero integrations:
grow traffic and convert leads HubSpot CRM integration with Xero,
sales relationship management Insightly CRM, Capsule CRM,
all-in-one business management WORK[etc] CRM + Projects.

For better time tracking and scheduling:

Managing your clients, calendars, various projects,and jobs is essential to the day to day success of small businesses. These applications are worth noting because they help you have and keep more accurate data and scheduling processes:
MinuteDock administration and time tracking
Deputy Scheduling and Time Sheet Software
Katana manufacturing ERP software


Payment system integrations and accounts receivable that streamline data collection:

Your online and network payment solutions can integrate for Xero accounting Canada use cases. Payment systems are needed by any business and so by common use here are some of the best Xero integrations:

Debtor Daddy


For invoicing and managing service business processes from proposal to servicing clients:

The basic operation of your business service or supply and delivery of your products needs to be managed in the most efficient of ways. Operations is what makes these some of the best Xero integrations: ApprovalMax approval application,
ServiceM8 field service business management
for easy proposals try Practice Ignition smart proposal software.


Need a hand in integration of Xero for your business or connection to your favorite 3rd party application for the best Xero integrations? We’re a bookkeeper well versed in managing Xero accounting Canada software. Reach out for a free consultation.
You can find a host of other applications and integrations at the Xero Accounting Canada Software App Store.

cloud-based software – FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


what is cloud accounting?
Cloud accounting uses specific software programs, such as Quickbooks Online or Xero hosted remotely on the Cloud. Basically, it means storing and accessing financial data and programs over the internet instead of having to use a computer’s hard drive.
What are some of the benefits of cloud-based accounting?
Allows a business to operate more efficiently, in order to cut costs and have access to real time data, anytime, anywhere.
Is cloud accounting software secure?
Security is the top concern in cloud-based accounting software. QBO and Xero accounting software integrate with many financial institutions and provide state-of-the-art multi-factor authentication and encryptions, ensuring sensitive data remains secure, just like when you use online banking.
What kind of software do i need for cloud accounting?
Both QBO and Xero are fully integrated cloud accounting software with continual customer support. Depending on your business needs, additional software can help improve the efficiency of your workflows, including Hubdocs, which is an application that automatically fetches financial documents and extracts key data.
why should i adopt cloud based tehcnology for my business?
The cloud is the future, and the world is ever changing. It is predicted that closer to 80% of small business owners are now relying on cloud based accounting. It may seem like a daunting task to transition to the cloud, but there is no need to be intimated when you deal with someone who can make the transition as easy and seamless as possible – working together as a team to set all the necessary processes in place.

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